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Boutique Alternative Investments Created for Discerning Investors

Accessible Alternative Investments

Exclusively Sourced & Curated Funds

Agile, Professional, & Experienced Team

You want to invest in alternative investments but…

  • The barriers to entry are simply too high
  • Funds are too big for your investment to matter
  • You can’t find the right investments for your interests

Isn’t it time to invest in alternative opportunities designed by people like you for people like you?


Our funds are built by former advisers for like-minded investors. With smaller groups of investors in every fund, you can stay closer to the process and see the impact of your investment.


Our funds are designed so every investment and each investor matters. By keeping deals smaller, we can remain agile to create funds poised for growth and success.


Our team of experts only presents a fraction of the deals they are presented with because they must pass our extensive due diligence process.

The Structure Investment Process

Explore Opportunities

Each fund is crafted with a unique niche and personality in mind.

Become an Investor

When you discover the right fund for your values and goals our team will work with you to add your investment to the fund.

Enjoy the Experience

Our investors take part in fun quarterly calls with industry experts, networking opportunities with like-minded individuals and returns that often outpace the markets.

Join the Structure
Private Network

Do you want to be the first to know about Structure’s private investment opportunities?

The Structure Private Network is a collective of like-minded investors who see the value of private investments but want to be closer to the investment and experience. They are down-to-earth individuals who are invested in each other’s success as much as the investment’s success. If this sounds like you, sign-up to join the network and explore our opportunities now.

The Structure Private Network includes:

  • Access to carefully curated alternative investment funds you won’t find anywhere else
  • Team of alternative investment experts who carefully assess and craft each fund
  • Investors like you who want unique investments that provide transparency and great return potential

Do you have an investment opportunity you'd like the Structure team to explore?